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Deicer warnings:  Never use a deicer on your concrete that contains either ammonium sulphate or ammonium nitrate.
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After months of collaborating ideas for a local concrete company, two entrepreneurs, Rudy and Susan Sims, began to prepare for the opening of Sims Concrete – a company that is still running strong today!

 In May of 1988, on the Old Laurens Highway, the wheels started turning and Sims Concrete began with only three trucks.  With amazing support from the community, after only a few short months of opening our first major project broke ground and allowed us to soon advance to six trucks. 

 Within two years, Sims Concrete had advanced to 10 trucks. Sims Concrete has built on its quality and standards by keeping the latest equipment and providing the best service year after year. 

 After 16 years of dependable service, Sims Concrete suffered a major loss when Rudy Sims, founder and co-owner of the company, suddenly passed away.  However, the company continues to run strong.

 After a few necessary changes, Sims Concrete was back running as strong as ever.  The office on Old Laurens Highway was renovated and both the business office and the plant are in one location to bring all the staff to one site.

 Sims Concrete provides Ready-Mix Concrete, Sand and Stone to the Greenwood area and stands true to their motto, “Dependable Service from a Hometown Friend.”


"Dependable service from
a hometown friend!"

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