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First winter:  During the first winter, do not use salt or other deicers, especially if the concrete was placed after Sept. 15. Use sand instead!

Driving time: Wait to drive on your new concrete for seven days!

Drain water: Protect your new concrete from drain water so it cannot cause settlement cracks in the slab.

The right sealer: Using a penetrating sealer can add years of life to your concrete drive, sidewalk or patio.

Clean it first:  The first step before applying a coating to your concrete surface is to make sure that it is clean.

Safe to de-ice: Deicers containing salt/or calcium chloride should be generally safe for use on a concrete pavement surface after the first winter.

Patio Chairs. Using plastic, fiberglass or rubber-coated furniture on your concrete drive or patio can help to reduce damage and scratches to the surface.

Deicer warnings:  Never use a deicer on your concrete that contains either ammonium sulphate or ammonium nitrate.

Clean it quickly: The best time to clean a concrete surface is immediately after a spill.  This will minimize discoloration or damage.

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